House Of Tax is an independent tax firm, and we work for corporation and individuals.
The services we offer are based on the experience and expertise of our consultants.
We have our list of services below, please feel free to inquire about a services if you do not see it listed :

Tax Compliance
Tax Planning
Tax Review
Tax Advicing
Tax System and Procedure Design
Other Tax Administration Services
Audit and Accounting Services
Services Package

  • Tax Compliance

Fulfilling tax obligation to the tax authority, comprise of calculating, preparing, paying for tax liabilities and reporting to KPP.

Fee :see Services Package

  • Tax Planning

Making appropriate plan and efficiency of tax burden pursuant to the current tax regulations.

Fee : price upon request *

  • Tax Review

Reviewing and analyzing financial statements or a specific transaction with the tax aspect consideration and calculate the tax liability.
Fee : price upon request *

  • Tax Advicing

Giving appropriate verbal/written consultation, and solutionpursuant to the current tax regulations.
Fee : price upon request *

  • Tax System and Procedure Design

Designing tax system and procedure according to the need of tax payer.
Fee : price upon request *

  • Other Tax Administration Services

Arranging the other administration necessities, i.e : request of main and branch NPWP, PKP decree letter, changing the address of KPP or business location, tax release letter, centralization of PPN, and etc.
Fee : price upon request *

  • Audit and Accounting Services

i.e : we can do special purpose audit as an external auditor detecting for fraud, and preparing financial statement.
Fee :see Accounting package

  • Services Package

– Taxation package

With our experience in tax compliance, we can support you in a professional way with the preparation of your company’s tax return and take care all of the tax compliance process. By keeping current on new tax law and regulation, we providing you and your company update with the taxation expertise and knowledge throughout the year. In this package, we provide you the tax compliance, tax review and tax advicing, such as :

– Maintenance of General Ledger and reviewing all the tax transaction
– Prepare the Fiscal Financial Statement for Annual Tax Return
– Monthly Tax Return preparation and lodgment for PPN, Payroll Tax and withholding tax
– Annual Tax Return preparation and lodgment.
– Tax Consultaionand update with the new Tax Regulations.

Fee / month (excluded PPN 10%) :
• Non – VAT Registered Company : starting from Rp 2.500.000
• VAT Registered Company : starting from Rp 3.500.000
• Zero Activity : starting from Rp 500.000
• Individual Annual Tax Return : starting from Rp 5.000.000 / year

– Accounting package

In accounting services package, we are providing the financial information to our client in timely and accurate manner. We hope that with our well-organized financial records, your business operation will run more effectively on a daily basis. House Of Tax provide your company’s the accounting services, such as :

– General Ledger and financial statement preparation
– Bookkeeping : Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement ( Monthly / Quarterly / Annual )

Fee / month (excluded PPN 10%) :
Starting from Rp 2.500.000

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us

*fees are adjusted to your company and may be vary comparing to others.